Freedom TX-7470 - Church Pager Transmitter

Church Nursery Paging System for Both In-House Pagers and Parent Cell Phones (Page Cell Phones with Text)

Give those who join you for worship a choice of either using one of your church-supplied pagers or their own cell phone to keep connected to the nursery with the TX-7470 Freedom Transmitter from LRS.  The Freedom Transmitter is portable and easy-to-use.
The TX-7470 transmitter works with both the All-Star Nursery Pager and Promo Baby Pager offered by Church Nursery Pagers for Less.

  • Transceiver (transmitter and receiver that can act as a repeater)
  • Integrates with On Cue for Restaurants iPad app
  • Ethernet and USB port for integrations
  • SMS text from transmitter1 Way Cell Phone Texting or Voice Messaging*
  • Pages All of Our Pagers - plus Cell Phones
  • Customized Alphanumeric Messaging
  • Group Paging Allows You to Reach All Parents in a Group
  • Supports up to 9,999 Pagers and Unlimited Cell Phones
  • Supports a Voice Recording
  • Easy-to-Read, 16-character by 4-line Display
  • Selectable Paging Modes
  • Built-in Clock
  • Anti-theft Feature
  • Locate All Pagers Feature - Find Lost Pagers
  • Tracking Mode - Keeps Paging Until Page is Cleared
  • UHF frequency (420 - 470 MHz) - NEVER Use a VHF Pager
  • Operates on 110V or 220V
  • Footprint: 4" x 8"
*Internet connection required for cell phone texting and voice messaging.


$895.00 $387.00

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