Church Nursery Pagers & Transmitters

Church Nursery Pagers allow you to provide peace of mind to parents.

When parents leave their littlest ones in the church nursery they expect a safe, secure, and loving environment.  Your church can ease the minds of parents with a church nursery paging system.  Church nursery pagers provide parents with a peace-of-mind that comes from knowing – in the event of a need – they can be reached quickly, easily, and without disrupting the congregation.  Our top quality church nursery pagers also provide your nursery workers with comfort; knowing that mom or dad can be easily paged if a problem arises.

  • Instantly Contact Moms and Dads Anywhere on Your Church Campus
  • Silent, Easy, and Instant – No More Ushers Disturbing Service Locating Parents
  • Continuous Vibration Upon Being Paged – Parents Won’t Miss the Page
  • Keeps Children Safe by Assigning Parents to Pagers – Only the Parent with Pager can Receive Child
  • Quality Built Yet Very Affordable
  • UHF Band Frequency Means Long-Range and Reliable Coverage
  • No Installation, No Wiring – Just Plug-in and Go
  • Rechargeable NiMH Batteries (LIFETIME WARRANTY!)
  • Built-in “Wandering Warning” Prevents Parents from Forgetting to Return Pager Unit