Show and Tell

IMG_8700On Thursday at Cooper’s school they have “Show and Tell.”  On most week “Show and Tell” is supposed to start with the “letter of the week”‘.  Well, since last Thursday my three year old son Cooper has been counting down to today as this week was “G” week at school and he could hardly wait to take his “Gordon the Train” which is his favorite from Thomas and Friends!

When I told him yesterday that he was not going to be able to go to school because of being sick — his heart was broken.  He said, “But Mommy, I want to take Gordon for “Show and Tell.” So, we decided then that maybe we could have “Show and Tell” here at our house.  We invited Papa and Mimi (my parents) down and they each brought bags with something in them that started with “G” and Mollie (my 20 month old) joined in too!  Cooper ran the show by giving us exact directions on how “Show and Tell” goes, which I’m confident is just like Miss Darby (his preschool teacher) does it!

Needless to say, my kids are blessed and I’m so thankful that they have a Papa and Mimi who bagged up their “gum” and “glasses” to come see “Gordon the Train”!  Thanks Dad and Mom!  You’re the best!  I love you!

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